Building the Successful PPC: Best Google Ad Extensions to Implement

Google Ad Extensions are the additional pieces of information that expand your ads so as to make it more useful to the users. Ads extension formats include the call buttons, location information and links to specific part of the website, seller’s reviews and many more. Google Ad extension typically increase an ad’s click through rate by several percentage points so as to meet your business goals.

Types of Google Ad Extensions

Each Google Ad Extensions has unique benefits and can help to drive specific actions from the users. So let us take a look at each of the extensions and find what they can do for your campaigns –

  •  Site Link Extension –

Google Ad Words Site Link Extension are the additional links in your advert that will take the prospective customers direct to a specific page on your business website. These Site Links Extension allow you to –

  • Measure the clicks that are going to specific Site Link pages on your company website so as to learn more about the customer preferences.
  •  To run specific short term campaigns to the deep pages on your website so as to make it easier to run the seasonal campaigns.
  • Create the Site Links specifically for the mobile users.
  • Callout Extension –

Callout Extension allow you to include the additional descriptive text in your business standard text ads. In the Callout extension you can include the specific attributes about your business, products and services that will show below your ads on the Google Search Network Consoles. These extension appear like the Site Links, but the difference is they cannot be clicked. These Callout Extension allow you to –

  • Promote details about your business such as popular services or unique offerings.
  • These extension are available at no additional cost.
  • These extension are easy to implement, appear as the simple text and require no links to secondary pages.
  • These extensions allow for the increased flexibility, so as to can change the entire account without editing each ad text separately.

Click to Text Extension –

If you are targeting the mobile audience, then you have to click to the text extensions so as to provide a quick an effective way for your customers to get in touch directly and a way in which they feel comfortable. The Ad Word campaign will display the call to action such as “Send Us a Text” that looks like this. The Click to Text Extension allow you to –

  • To generate the exceptionally good lead generation clicks with the user proactively interacting with your ads.
  • For the some user groups, sending a text message will be much more preferable to making a phone call or other type of enquiry.
  • It has a higher click thru rate (CTR) for the mobile users.
  • Call Extension –

Google Ad Words Call Extensions give the customers a convenient way to call your business directly from within the Google search results. The Call Extension allow you to –

  • To report detailing of the numbers of calls about your campaigns have driven, helping you to better evaluate your ROI.
  •  You can schedule your call extension that appear at specific times that best accommodate about your business processes.
  • If you have the business values phone calls, then this will drive the right kind of conversion to your business.

Offer Extension

Offer Extension work about your business if you are running a current promotion. It can entice the users so as to click your ads over others if they see that your options are discounted compared to your competitors.

App Extension –

App Extension provide the link to an app so as to download the app for your mobile users. This can reduces the friction from having to perform the new search so as to find and download the app in an App Store. The app extension creates a small add-on to the bottom of your mobile ads showing the app icon and to create a clickable CTA to encourage the users to easily download your app.

Price Extension –

Price extension allows you to clearly demonstrate an array of the product titles along with the price of the products. For the cost minded shoppers, this immediate transparency can attract their attention if you are within the price range. The price extension will prevent the irrelevant clicks that you pay for with no chance of conversion.