Online reputation management also known as ORM is the practice of crafting methods that influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the internet. It helps you to drive public opinion about your business products and services. The top five lessons of the online reputation management services are –

. Optimization of mobile site is no longer optional

Now days most of people are not searching for a nearby restaurant or a salon on their computer but instead of this they are using their smartphones that are in their pocket. This mobile-friendliness is something that every business owner should have on their mind, if their business is customer-facing, like restaurants, coffee shops, jewellery stores etc. Here are a few things you can do in order to optimize your site for the mobile search –

. From a website to the email templates you must use a responsive design.

.  Make sure that your images are of high quality and cropped closely and can fit on a smaller screen.

. Optimize the videos on your website so that they are compatible with your mobile phones.

. Make sure that if you are using any buttons on your website then these buttons are also easy to use on the mobile version of your site also.

. Your site should scroll easily. As the users quickly get irritated when they are forced to pinch and zoom to see your content or navigate your site.

. Diversity your web presence

Your primary goal should be to proactively own as many slots in the Google top 10 search results for keywords that you care about, says top digital marketing company in USA, which offers corporate online reputation management services. For one thing, it shows your company’s dominance in that topic. The other thing it shows that you will have a better chance of keeping the negative content about your company or its products out of the top 10.

. Social media is a must

While most of people think of a business online reputation as their reviews and average rating, but the truth is that it has many other moving parts. As these days, more people are talking about their experience and their complaints on social media platforms. Wherever your brand is mentioned, it behoves you to be there, which is why having a presence on social media is no longer optional.

One of the reasons why the social media is so important is that it works in the opposite way as reviews do for your business. As the people who are reading your reviews sought out your business for one reason or the other, as they are checking out your reviews so that they can get to know about your business a little better and so that they can decide whether to trust you with their business or not. But on the other hand social media helps your brand to get introduced to a whole new audience of people who may never heard about your business before.

Social media has the power to help you connect with your clients or customers on a more personal level, if managed correctly. It also help you to make new connections and build trust with a whole new set of people.

. Video plays a very important role than ever before

Video has been a powerful marketing tool from past few years. Here are some of the interesting stats that demonstrate the importance of video in your marketing campaign –

. Every day more than 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook alone, and more than 500 million hours are watched on YouTube by different peoples.

. With the help of videos you can increase the conversions up to 80 percent.

As we all know about the power of video, but it can also be intimidating for local businesses that may not have the resources of a professional video team behind them. So in order to overcome this problem there are a lot of great ways you can use video without the need to hire an expert –

. As every business has a story, and the video is a great place to share your story. When you share your origin story with people online, they will gain a more personal look into your business and will give you a chance to connect with them on a whole other level.

. Educate your clients.

. As your business would not be around without your customers and so video is the perfect way to say thanks to your customers.

You cannot just wait for the reviews to come to you

You can monitor your online reputation management agency and can deal with reviews as they come as the reviews have become such an essential part of a business. These days the most successful online businesses know that they need to take a more active approach to getting the reviews. Focusing on providing good service to your clients is certainly a right step in generating reviews. Here are some of the few ideas to help you start generating more reviews for your online reputation management company business are –

.  Send email follow ups with review request to your clients.

. Offers discounts or other incentives to your clients who write reviews for you.

. Enter clients who write reviews into a giveaway or a raffle