Day-to-day PPC management takes time in understanding the current state of the industry, which is why many small business owners find paid search so intimidating. This is why it is so important to lean on PPC professional for their advice and direction when it comes to managing your paid search efforts. Here are some of the key points of how the PPC Management agency can ease your pain in successful running your business –

. Identify and Attain Your Quality Clients

As a PPC management agency your prior focus is to identify the best clients that can help your customers in attaining their goals. As a growing agency you put all your time, energy and resources in growing your business, but every client you bring on just means more work, which takes away the focus from going out there and generating the new business. So pitch to the right client who can help your customer in attaining his/her business goal.

. Make Your Business Development a Focus

As a PPC management agency your prior focus should be to allocate a specific amount of time in growing your business. Whether this be a one day-per-week, one hour-per-day or eight hours-per-month, set aside a chunk of time that is mandatory to hunting for new clientele.

. Tap into Your Existing Network

It is quite noticed that the majority of agencies are not focused on Pay-per-click as they are more likely to have expertise in other areas such as SEO, Print Advertising or Web Development. So reach out to these clients to introduce them to the concept of PPC and emphasizing the huge potential for ROI. So, if they came to you with the advertising needs, there is no reason they should not want to expand their presence and increase their conversions with paid search tactics.

. Get Noticed

As it is seen that the majority of people spend their time on social networks over any other internet activity, including email? This means that you need to leverage your social profiles to prove that you are the expert of the paid search. So, dedicate your time in building up your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles. Have your colleagues or favourite clients endorse your skills and write you recommendations on LinkedIn.

. Effectively Manage Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

As a Pay-per-click company you have the ability to manage multiple account simultaneously. Touch all the accounts of your client on daily basis so that if any change occur in your client account. You have the knowledge of that change. For example – if one of your clients just expanded to Google’s Search Partner Network, but their impressions went way up and conversions plummeted. So, in order to resolve that change try to resolve that issue as early as possible.

. Get to Know Their Business

This is one of the critical step because if you cannot speak intelligently about your prospective or current client’s business then all trust is going to fly out the window. So it is very important to know about the business of the client. It is all about them, what they are looking for, understanding their industry so that you can speak intelligently about their business.

. Keep Your Clients Happy

As a PPC company your prior focus must be to keep your clients happy. As if you ignore your clients, your agency is never going to succeed.

. Be Transparent and Communicate Effectively

Be transparent to your clients and communicate with them effectively. You need to keep your clients in the loop so that your client have the complete knowledge where their money is spent. But if you put them on the back burner and then randomly reach out, a huge mess could erupt in your face. Manage your client list as what you are doing in their account and show them the data if any mess happen.

. Kick off the Customer Relationship on the Right Foot

The start of your relationship with your client is a key time in the customer’s journey. If the client’s experience declines from the start of your service, trust is going to vanish instantly and your chances of keeping that client are going to diminish.

. Take Notes and Keep Records of All the Calls

Prepare for every call with a list of questions and write down the answer so that you physically have the initial goals, plans and projections in place. So that if your client changes his/her goals after some months, you can look back and remind them of your initial plan and if you have reached those starting goals or not.

. Schedule Time to Respond to Email

Set a scheduled time each day to respond to the emails so that you give your clients the communication they need.

. Set Priorities

Implement an organization system to prioritize your tasks in order of highest to lowest importance of your clients. Whether that be using a tool to help organize or keeping a written list on a pad of paper.

. Share Success with Your Clients

You have worked hard, and your clients are going to be thrilled with all the leads running in the door. The problem is sometimes your clients might be oblivious to what is going on. So, it is your job to report back to your client, whether it be in the form of an Excel template or a more visual Power Point style.