Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience in-order to build your brand, increase sales and to drive website traffic. Social media involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analysing your results and running social media advertisements. Some of the major social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat. Social media marketing depends on five core pillars such as –

Strategy – Before planning to publish anything on social media the first thing that you must do is make a social strategy. In order to create customer-centric strategy you must first analyse these things –

  • What are your goals?
  • Which social media platform you want to focus in order to achieve your goals?
  • Which type of content will attract more audience?
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With the increase in the number of social media users every business is concentrating on showing their consistent presence on the social media. This technique will help them in showcasing their brand to their potential customers. Publishing an attractive and informative content is as simple as sharing pictures or videos on your personal social media profile. But if your want to promote a business or a product on the social media then you should focus on planning a strategy for your post. So, in order to plan a strategy you should be aware of few things such as –

  • When your potential customers are active on the social media platform?
  • Analyzing the reach of your post?
  • To check whether your post is engaging or not?
  • Crafting your social media post carefully?

Listening and Engagement

In the early phase, your business page might not have several followers that may interact with you through comments and direct messages. But when you start posting engaging content you may find that your social media followers grow. You may find that they will start talking with you through comments, direct messages, tag you in their social media post and may start sharing your content. So, always listen to your audience by checking to your comments and direct messages. If they are facing any issue then try to resolve it and if they are giving some positive feedback and compliment about your brand and product then appreciate them.


This is one of the main metrics of every online marketing channel. If you own a business page and systematically posting content on that then you should be aware of how your post or your page is performing? Every company look for some report that can help them in analysing their business growth. This analytics or report may consist of following points –

  • Whether your post has more reach than last month or not?
  • How many users are using your hashtag and company name?
  • How many users are sharing, commenting and liking your post?
  • What is the increase in the followers compared to the last month?
  • Advertising

One of the well-known parts of social media is the social-ads. When you are ready to invest in social media then you can use the social ads in-order to spread awareness about your brand. This will help you in reaching to the maximum number of users and displaying your ads to your targeted audience.

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How Social Media Will Boost Your Marketing Campaign?

Social media can boost your marketing campaign as –

  • Social media help you in increasing the brand awareness.
  • Social media can help you in creating a brand identity and positive brand response.
  • With the help of social media you can increase your website traffic.
  • Social media will boost your conversion rate.
  • Social media can help you in promoting your product or company videos.

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